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Rabies Vaccine Information
This is a viral infection that is transmitted to humans by the bite of an infected animal.  Dogs, monkeys, raccoons, skunks, bats, rodents, cats and foxes are the most common animal vectors.  Rabies is a fatal illness in all humans that develop the disease and don’t get treated or get treated late6 Symptoms early on in the disease are fever, headache, weakness.  Later symptoms are confusion, paralysis, and hallucinations.  Rabies is a preventable and treatable disease.  One of the most valuable interventions if you are bitten by an animal who is suspected to have rabies is to immediately irrigate and clean the area of the bit generously with water and soap.  After you have cleaned the wound, you need to seek medical attention urgently even if you have been vaccinated against Rabies.  If you do not have access to adequate health care services at your destination, you need to travel to the closest facility with rabies treatment services or fly back to the United States immediately to seek medical care. Denver Travel Medicine Clinic does administer Rabies vaccine. (Link to Vaccine Information Sheet) 6 =
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