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Up to 64% of travelers to developing countries report a travel related illness.1 Long term travelers to the developing world are also at higher risk of being exposed to less common travel related illness such as Rabies. At the Denver Travel Medicine Clinic we prepare you medically for wherever your travels take you:       - Your long term Peace Corps assignment to Uganda       - Your 2 week faith based volunteer trip to Guatemala       - Your Doctors Without Borders trip to Sri Lanka Our goal is to provide you the resources and information you need to reduce your risk of illness while traveling and living abroad. 
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Pre-Travel Consultation
The CDC recommends that you consult with a travel medicine specialist or your doctor prior to traveling outside the United States.  We provide a comprehensive Pre-Travel Consultation to volunteer travelers that includes the following services: – Review of countries you plan to visit – Customized recommendations for vaccination and disease prevention for each country – Vaccine administration – Prescription for malaria prophylaxis/prevention (if needed) – Prescription(s) for other prophylactic medication(s) (if needed) – Discussion and recommendations regarding safe travel abroad – Access to our Traveler’s Safety Online Guide with information and links to important travel safety information Vaccine Only Consultation This consultation is for those travelers who have already consulted with their doctor or a travel medicine specialist and only need to have vaccinations administered.  Note: If you need vaccines recommendations, yellow fever vaccine, malaria prevention medication or travel health advise, these services are not provided during Vaccine Only Consultations.  You will need to schedule a Pre-Travel Consultation and have vaccines administered during that visit.
1 = Yellow Book 2010 - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
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